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X-fix wood connector C 96/130/90 R10

X-fix wood connector C 96/130/90 R10

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The best-selling connector of the patented X -fix C 96/130 R10 series with a length of 90 mm. 1 piece. 

Technical data:

Length: 90mm

Width: 96mm

Height: 130mm

Material: birch plywood

Tensile and shear load capacity 28 kN according to ETA 18/0254

Milling image: PDF

Area of ​​application: ideal for CLT ceilings and interior walls from 120 mm 3s, also suitable for connecting walls and ceilings.

  • Wooden elements made of cross-laminated timber, glulam and DUO beams or construction beech are permanently, stable and securely connected using the two-part X-fix C wooden connectors
  • Wall, ceiling and roof elements are clamped together automatically and without any additional aids, conventional screws are not required and the positive wood-to-wood connection creates exactly parallel lines
  • The assembly of X-fix C works by inserting the first part into the prefabricated milling, then inserting the second part and fixing it by hammering it in with a hammer

• Very quick assembly time
• Positive connection ideal for visible surfaces
• No beam tension required for ceiling connections
• Thanks to the wedge shape, even large-format ceiling tiles can be pulled together independently

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