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  • Drive in with a soft-faced hammer, even tensioning without additional tools...

  • .. Complete! Cost-effective, removable, metal-free, incredibly fast. Simply X-fix!


Frequently asked questions about the X-fix C wood-wood connection system

What is X-fix?

X-fix is a patented wooden component connection according to ETA 18/0254!

X-fix is a self-tightening WOOD-WOOD connection system based on the double dovetail principle, each consisting of two conically cut parts.
These are inserted into the millings provided in the wooden components to be connected and hammered in with a soft-faced hammer. Due to the unique geometry
of the X-fix connectors, the wooden components are pulled together by driving in without additional tools and are thus connected in a form-fitting manner.

Where is X-fix used?

X-fix is used for the assembly of cross-laminated timber ceilings, ribbed and box ceilings as well as timber concrete composite ceilings.Furthermore, customers use X-fix to assemble wall elements
made of cross-laminated timber (CLT) with large windows and door cutouts with almost no waste. X-fix also connects beams and posts made of Gluelam, LVL or Baubuche with wall reinforcements made of CLT as well as ceiling elements with standing wall parts.

What are the advantages of X-fix?

X-fix saves time and costs on the construction site!

X-fix are metal-free heavy-duty wood connectors for
incomparably quick and therefore cost-effective installation. Not only the assembly but also the disassembly of X-fix is very easy and enables the
"Cradle to Cradle" construction principle.

When installing ceiling elements with X-fix, the average
installation time is 15 seconds for one linear meter of ceiling joint. This brings enormous savings in assembly time of well over 50% compared to other fasteners such as screws and notches.

Long and high wall elements, even with window and door openings, can be constructed from cross-laminated timber in inexpensive standard formats
and X-fix with almost no waste. Assembly can take place both in the production plant and on the construction site. When constructing CLT wall elements with X-fix, raw material savings of up to 30% CLT can be achieved, especially for large window areas.

Due to the geometry of the conically divided double
dovetail, which is unique to X-fix, you only need a heavy-duty hammer to assemble X-fix. The components are automatically pulled together by hammering in X-fix. No cordless screwdrivers, no beam hoists or other machines or tools are necessary for assembly. This saves time and a lot of money. X-fix is a
connector and tool in one.

What material is X-fix made of?

made from certified birch plywood

Which X-fix C types are there?

X-fix C R10 - 96/130/ in lengths/mm 45, 65, 90 and 130 mm.
Type BSP Dimmension Tensile strength Rt,k Shear strength Rv,k Displacement module tension/shear

X-fix C R10 - 96/130/45 from 60 mm 3s 14 kN 14 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R10 - 96/130/65 from 100 mm 3s 20 kN 20 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R10 - 96/130/90 from 120 mm 3s 28 kN 28 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R10 - 96/130/130 from 200 mm 40 kN 40kN 20 kN/mm

The new optimized X-fix R15 from 2024:

X-fix C R15 - 96/130/ in lengths/mm 45, 65, 90 and 130 mm.

Type CLT Dimmension Tensile strength Rt,k Shear strength Rv,k Displacement module tension/shear
X-fix C R15 - 96/130/45 from 60 mm 3s 14 kN 14 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R15 - 96/130/65 from 100 mm 3s 20 kN 20 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R15 - 96/130/90 from 120 mm 3s 28 kN 28 kN 20 kN/mm
X-fix C R15 - 96/130/130 from 200 mm 40 kN 40kN 20 kN/mm

X-fix Mini 45/65x for structural timber construction, interior fittings and carpentry.

Type ideal area of application for panel materials
X-fix mini - 45/65/15 19 - 22 mm
X-fix C R15 - 45/65/20 27 - 32 mm
X-fix C R15 - 45/65/30 42 - 50 mm
X-fix C R15 - 45/65/45 60 - 70 mm

What approvals are there for this?

ETA 18/0254 “X-fix C”

Are there planning aids?

Yes, all well-known CAD-CAM providers such as SEMA - cadwork - hsbcad or Dietrich's provide their users with corresponding macros free of charge

Are there any measurement aids?

Yes, ingtools Dipl. Ing. (FH) Markus Reimann developed the X-fix C tool and makes it available free of charge. www.ing-tools.de/module/x-fix

In connection with X-fix, he also answers any questions about statics, building physics and fire protection --> info@ingtools.de

How are the X-fix pockets milled into the cross-laminated timber?

The cross-laminated timber manufacturers and timber construction companies mill the X-fix pockets into the cross-laminated timber using CNC machines.

If the milling machine is optimally adjusted, it takes approx. 30 seconds per milling operation. to be measured.

Which CLT manufacturers or joinery centers carry out X-fix milling?

All well-known BSP/CLT manufacturers as well as some CLT distributors and wood construction companies with CNC joinery centers in the D-A-CH region and beyond carry out X-fix C milling and, in some cases, also supply the X-fix C connectors with their CLT projects.

Is it possible to carry out the X-fix millings with a manual template on the construction site or in the factory?

Yes, the company LIGNATOOL (Wolfgang Ritzer) www.lignatool.at -- has commercially available carpenter routers such as FESTOOL or MAFELL etc.

The Lignatool X-fix C milling template offers smaller carpentry shops without their own CNC joinery the opportunity to quickly and very flexibly produce walls and ceilings for their projects from inexpensive standard CLT panels.

Are there intellectual property rights?

in Europe by European Patent No.: 335 97 54

in USA US Patent No.:10,487,495, B2

in JAPAN Patent No.:6962918

as well as worldwide trademark protection no. 014 243 422

X-fix comparison

1 pc. X-fix C

96/130/90 connectors


24 screws dm = 6mm, lg = 80mm

16 screws dm = 8mm, lg = 80mm

Advantages of X-fix

Assembly in record time

Wood – wood connections without metal

Minimizes waste, up to 30% GNP savings possible!

✔ Window and door openings are made up of durable and robust parts

✔ No waste, material savings of up to 30% possible!

✔ Optimum use of transport options with semi-trailers or containers
- No white spaces
- No transport damage - Calculable alternative to special transport
- No special widths or lengths

✔ Thanks to small-format standard elements, even difficult ones, e.g. E.g. inner-city or alpine locations

✔ X-fix – milling easy to produce with CNC joinery centers
- Trial phase with milling templates from Lignatool possible without major investments
- A high throughput and dimensional accuracy can be achieved with relatively little investment

✔ Optimum utilization of the machine park
- Production in the low-order period

✔ Production of standard elements
- Possibility to manufacture in stock

✔ Manufactured as a standardized kit
- can be offered as a building system

✔ Ideal addition to made-to-order parts in project business
- Possibility of subsequent delivery without disrupting current production planning

Advantages for woodworkers and carpenters

✔ Standard kit for single and multi-family houses as well as for extensions
- Quickly and accurately calculated, easy to realize and implement without surprises
- Value creation remains with the carpentry business

✔ cost-effective as it can be planned without waste

✔ Easy to use
- Easy to use even with semi-skilled personnel under expert guidance

✔ The cross-laminated timber elements are connected in just a few steps

✔ X-fix millings can also be produced quickly and easily on the construction site using a template from Lignatool.

Advantages for trade

✔ Standard elements BSP as a stock product

✔ Use quickly and safely, even for smaller projects

✔ no waiting time for “ad-hoc” projects

✔ Quick replacement in the event of material damage or complaints

✔ new possible uses (*)

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