June 2022: For the first time, 1000# of the new X Fix C 130 mm connectors were used at Hotel Neubau in Austria and connect 3500 m2 of ceiling and roof.

3500 m2 ceiling and roof with X-fix C in the new length of 130 mm :

1000 pieces of X-fix C 130 mm wooden connectors connect two 220 mm thick floor ceilings and the roof made of 280 mm cross-laminated timber in a new aparthotel on the Turracher Höhe in Carinthia / Austria. Cross-laminated timber from HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, construction carried out by EHRENREICH BaugmbH from Tamsweg.

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2022: "Everything is made of wood!" Construction site "Spinelli" in Mannheim OBG Hochbau and ImmPrinzip, execution of timber construction Söte, cross-laminated timber ceiling with 1000 # X-Fix connectors

In Mannheim, OBG Hochbau and ImmPrinzip are currently building two multi-story buildings using solid wood construction. Directly on the edge of the future Federal Garden Show, two residential buildings are being built almost entirely out of wood in a premium residential area.

2021: Holzbau Rösch / DE, cross-laminated timber ceiling with X-Fix connectors

Different ceiling systems with X-fix C / Different ceiling systems with X-fix C

Wall systems with X-fix / Wall systems with X-fix

2020/2021 Züblin Timber / Aichach builds the Collegium Academicum,
3000 X-fix C 90 connect the ceilings and stiffening wall panels
made of cross-laminated timber with supports made of glulam and beech. A building without screws using only wood wood connections.

2020: Implenia builds the KIM in Winterthur. 6000 X-fix C 90 connect the cross-laminated timber ceilings.

Balteschwiler and X-fix: The Swiss wood builder Balteschwiler AG is using the full advantages of X-fix for the Würzbach kindergarten project in Germany.

TS3 and X-fix: Major project at Handl Tyrol, X-fix as an assembly aid for the revolutionary TS3 adhesive technology. Supports, plates, done !

Wall construction with X-fix C: Cheap CLT panels in standard formats are connected to house walls with X-fix C. Without waste! Fast and inexpensive.

Connecting two wall parts with X-fix L in one minute. This saves an enormous amount of time on the construction site.

30% material savings: X-fix milling for wall components with a fast CNC machine from Biesse at the X-fix partner Gemson.

50% time savings! X-fix ceiling installation: An exposed ceiling for a single-family home was installed in 90 minutes . This corresponds to a time saving of approx. 50%. The building closes more quickly and the crane leaves the construction site more quickly. Visible ceiling permanently installed 100% gap-free in less than half the time . Simply X-fix!

X-fix and Hundegger make Timberdome of the DTC UNI Kaiserslautern possible: Production of a CLT free-form shell with the Hundegger PBA3 at Hüsser Holzleimbau AG , Bremgarten CH

the making of X-fix Timberdome segment shell made of CLT connected with X-fix C

X-fix C milled quickly and precisely with a Lignatool template and router, even without a CNC machine.

Ceiling installation with the self-tightening X-fix C connectors, plug in, hammer in and you're done. The ceiling is connected in a form-fitting manner without a gap.


X-fix advertising teaser from our X-fix system partner HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER

X-fix C self-tightening ceiling connectors and wall connectors

First video of the X-fix C self-tightening wood - wood connectors for ceiling elements. No screws, just a hammer without any other tools.