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Lignatool X-fix C milling template

Lignatool X-fix C milling template

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Milling size: 96x130mm
Milling depth: up to 90mm

Scope of delivery:

Milling template
Milling guide
locking plate
contour ring
Helicut milling cutter Ø 30mm with reversible knife
Depending on the router, there are different locking plates and cutters, so configuration and prices may vary.

base plate
The template is made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel mounting bushings that can be replaced if worn.

The adjustable stops are located at the bottom of the template.

Fastening can be done either with screws or lever clamps.

Milling guide
Consists of anodized aluminum with special plain bearings. The router is hooked into the safety milling guide using the locking plate. This means you can work safely and without getting tired.

locking plate
The locking plate is made of plastic and is screwed to the underside of the router.

contour ring
Is attached to the locking plate with a locking ring. During milling, the contour ring slides along the template and the stops and thus scans the milling contour.

Fine tuning
The milling contour is adjustable so that the clamping force of the wood connection can be regulated.

The following routers can be used:

Festool OF2200
Festool OF1400
Mafell LO65
Scheer HM16-HM25 (adapter required)
DeWalt 626
Makita RP2300 (mill with special shaft)
Others on request
Milling cutter with reversible knife
The cutters have a conical shank ø20mm and are screwed directly into the cone of the router with a double-threaded nut.
Different total lengths are available, the diameter is 30mm, the working length is 60mm.

A contour ring is required for milling along the template.

Dimensions - milling depth
It can be milled to a depth of 90mm.

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