Where can I buy X-fix?

The patented ones x-fix-small Connection systems are provided by Schilcher Trading & Engineering directly or

through distributors like Fehr Braunwalder AG in Switzerland and

through CLT producers and CNC joinerys such as HASSLACHER NORICA TIMBER, Züblin Timber AG, Balteschwiler AG, Theuerl Holz, Kristof Van Dun, Multicomfort Polen and Bestwood Schneider.

X-fix represents a new generation in the connection of cross-laminated timber elements. Cross-laminated timber can be connected robustly and permanently using a simple wood-to-wood connection without additional tools and completely metal-free.

Would you like to become an X-fix partner? Partners can be:

CLT manufacturer with its own CNC joinery

CNC joinerys

prefab house manufacturer

Carpentry and timber construction companies 

If you are interested in becoming an X-fix partner or simply trying out X-fix in a project, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are interested in X-fix as an architect, builder or building owner, we would be happy to help you choose an X-fix partner in your area.

Just call (or write an email)

Telephone: +43 4823 20033
Mobile: +43 676 351 2090
Email: office@x-fix.at

and speak directly to the inventor of X-fix, Sepp Schilcher.