KVD Houtbouw /BE setzt für alle CLT Projekte X-fix ein

KVD Houtbouw /BE uses X-fix for all CLT projects

KVD Houtbouw /BE produces wonderful solid wood houses with its SCM Oikos from inexpensive 1.2 m standard BSP panels and the X-fix wall and ceiling system.

In Turnhout / BE, our customer Kristof Van Dun (KVD Houtbouw) uses his CNC system SCM Oikos to produce wall and ceiling elements with almost no waste from 1.2 m standard panels and X-Fix. In this way, wooden structures made from cost-effective standard material are manufactured very flexibly and individually according to customer requirements. By the way, Kristof buys the raw panels in the winter. Ideal given the sharp rise in raw material prices and long delivery times in the industry. Many timber construction companies have a CNC joinery system for 1.2 m panels. When building a new building, adding an extension or adding another floor, the carpenter takes the solid construction away from the bricklayer. Fast, flexible, cost-effective, with standard CLT and X-fix. Look here

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