„Das Bärahus“ Feldkirch / Österreich

“The Bärahus” Feldkirch / Austria

“Das Bärahus” Feldkirch / Austria February 2022: Rhomberg is building a seven-story wooden office building with X-fix.

As a timber construction specialist and pioneer, Rhomberg Bau from Bregenz has now made a name for itself far beyond the borders of Vorarlberg. And this name is now enriched by another facet: construction of the first all-wood office building from a new wood product range from Rhomberg began at the Feldkirch Bärenkreuzung: the “office ZERO”. “We can simply show what wood can really do with seven floors with a quality that is otherwise difficult to achieve in traditional construction. That's why I'm pleased that we now have the opportunity to present a new project, a new type of building here." (Hubert Rhomberg, Managing Director of Rhomberg Bau.) According to Rhomberg, this type of building should be scaled up in the future and used in other projects. 1000 # X-fix C 90 and X-fix C 45 connect the 750 m3 of wood of the “Bärahus”. Construction time 14 months. Pictures: Rhomberg Bau GmbH

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