Hasletre gewinnt den norwegischen Holzbaupreis 2022

Hasletre wins the Norwegian Timber Construction Prize 2022

Oslo/Norway Spring 2022: Oslotre wins the Norwegian Timber Construction Award 2022 with the 3,000 m², fully dismantled Hasletre office building . Hasle Tre vant Årets Trebyggeri 2022 • Byggeindustrien

Straye Trebygg AS builds this visionary dismantlable and reusable kit with 600 # X-fix C 90. The CLT and the X-fix millings come from Splitkon / Amot Norway. HasleTre is a 3000 m2 office building made from natural materials. It was planned as a wooden structure from the first sketch . Parts of the wooden facade are covered with green plants that work in the Nordic climate, the spectacular roof garden is a biotope for cultivation and a beautiful place to linger. The construction is made of wood from the inside out and is planned as a dismantled and reusable kit . ( https://www.oslotre.no/project/hasle-tre/ ) Oslotre is an architectural consultancy based in Oslo, Norway, specializing in wooden buildings. (Images: Oslotre)

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